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Trixie is the personification of the lips which sing "Science Fiction Double Feature" at the beginning of the movie. Everything beyond that is up for interpretation - although most casts tend to have defined their own version and stick with it. While the original film represents her as lips, the reimaging makes her a physical character that works at the movie theater where the movie is being played.

For screen accuracy, please refer to the Screen Accuracy Guide.



A basic Trixie outfit

Slideshow 1001779465 Rocky Horror 35th Anniversa(6)

A Shiny Trixie appears!

Trixie is only a pair of lips onscreen - leaving shadowcasters to make up their own creative version of the character. That being said, a common approach is to use an usher/usherette costume, a la the singing telegram girl from Clue. This basic idea can then be modified by altering (or simply removing) articles of clothing.


Often, local tradition has Trixie acting as MC and/or leading the virgin games.

Additionally: while Trixie is shadowcasting, there is no actual motion beyond the lips onscreen - and so Trixie is responsible for coming up with some activity to do while singing. One classic option is a striptease; depending on the cast and the audience (and available costumes), this could range from a burlesque to straight-up pole dancing. ... So to speak.


  • Tolls of Madness
    • Two people perform as Trixie instead of one. There's a two-person dance which goes along with this.


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Totally Trixie

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