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"Rocky Horror Shows His Heels" is the original first draft screenplay for "Shock Treatment". It was written in 1978 by original "The Rocky Horror Show" and "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" author Richard O'Brien. In terms of plot continuity it was also far more cohesive with the plot of the original movie, unlike Shock Treatment or the aborted "Revenge of the Old Queen". The basic premise of this script was abandoned after the production hit a couple of snags.

First, it was learned that Tim Curry balked at the idea of reprising the role of Dr. Frank-N-Furter. Second, Jim Sharman, director of the original Rocky Horror Picture Show, was resistant to do something he felt he'd already done. Sharman expressed interest in doing something similar but different. At this point the basic story was dumped. O'Brien, however, felt he had spent a great deal of time working on the songs and music. As such, he was not ready to abandon them. He corrected this problem by creating a new story around the existing songs. This evolved into a script titled "The Brad and Janet Show .


Rocky Horror Shows His Heels picked up roughly nine months after the events of the first movie. Brad and Janet's marriage has hit the skids after it is learned she is pregnant. Questions concerning the identity of the child's father circle both their lives. Is it Brad's? Frank's? Rocky's? Also during the beginning it was learned that both Brad and Dr. Scott have "turned" homosexual as a result of their experiences. Brad leaves Janet in high heels to the song "Bitchin In the Kitchen" and goes to live with Dr. Scott.

It is then also learned that when the castle took off for the planet Transsexual in the galaxy of Transylvania, the swimming pool was left behind in the crater the castle left, and inside were the bodies of Frank and Rocky. After months of stasis Rocky's body revives and he pulls out the corpse of Frank-N-Furter, while singing "Breaking Out", a little worse for wear and still quite dead. It is at this point Rocky spots Brad and Dr. Scott at the crater doing experiments on its radiation. When they leave, Rocky trails them by foot back to Dr. Scott's cabin.

Back at the cabin, as Dr. Scott and Brad discuss the day's events, peace is shattered: Rocky crashes through a window cradling the mold-encrusted body of Frank. He then begins to mime to Brad and Dr. Scott to bring Frank back to life. Scott, having studied some of Frank's data, agrees. He then concocts a rejuvenating formula made from the blood of Rocky, Brad and himself. Electroshocks (to the tune "Shock Treatment") wipe away all signs of mold during reanimation.

Frank is delighted to be alive again. He is even more thrilled at the notion he may have a son. After putting his three charges to bed, Frank contacts all his other Earthbound Transylvanians to inform them of a party to celebrate his return.

The next morning Frank learns Janet has gone into labor and given birth to her child, a boy. To the tune "Little Black Dress", Frank and his growing group of followers head over to the hospital where Frank immediately takes charge of the child and claims him as his own, much to the chagrin of Janet and her over-macho dad ("Thank God I'm a Man"). Frank announces that tonight's party will also celebrate the birth of his son. A special prize will go to the best costume. Frank and his followers then circle the town spreading "fairy dust" that converts the uptight citizens of Denton, USA into raving Transylvanians ("I'm Gonna Be An Ace"). Janet's Mom, Dad, a cop, and a nurse get ready for the party, too ("Look What I Did To My Id").

At the party, a song on the jukebox reminds Frank of his old nemesis, Eddie. As he goes into song about the ex-delivery boy ("He Lived and Died for Rock-N-Roll"), Frank suddenly collapses. The reanimation fluid Dr. Scott concocted was incorrect. Frank must have eleven pints of male virgin blood to survive ("Looking for Trade"). Brad embarks a mercy mission to collect the blood.

Meanwhile at the hospital, Janet is given an injection of sedatives by her two doctors. It is then they reveal themselves to be Riff Raff and Magenta, Frank's old servants who murdered him in cold blood. The brother and sister pair tell Janet her baby is dead and turn her loose, dazed by drugs.

At the same time Brad locates a youth gang, Oscar Drill and the Bits. He tells them the plight of the local alien celebrity and they agree to help. After another blood donation, Frank is again in high spirits. Between Frank's singing and Brad's dancing the crowd is worked into a frenzy. At this high point Janet bursts into the room. Janet expresses her undying love for Frank. Frank scorns her ovations and states his only interests are with his son.

Janet, now determined to hurt Frank, tells him the baby is dead. At this point Frank begins to dissolve again. It seems one of the youths wasn't a virgin. Enraged, Frank begins to chase after the young unchaste lad. In doing so, however, his spell over the people of Denton evaporates. He is only prevented from being killed by Brad, Dr. Scott, and Rocky. In return the three are nearly beaten to death by the angry mob and the rest of the Transylvanians flee.

Outside, the decaying Frank is greeted by Riff-Raff and Magenta. Riff-Raff holds a pitchfork laser. Magenta holds the baby. There is a brief exchange which ends with Riff-Raff lasering Frank, killing him for a second time.

At this point Janet appears, having dodged the angry mob. Riff-Raff and Magenta tell Janet a baby needs a mother's love and offers for her to come with them. Janet accepts. Then, as the ambulance departs for the future, the baby's rockn-roll cooing clearly show the child is Frank's.

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