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I am just seven hours old, and truly beautiful to behold.

"Rocky Horror" is a character from the musical productions of The Rocky Horror Show since 1973, from the 1975 movie, from the 2015 tribute production celebrating 40 years, from the 2016 reimagining movie, and from the never made sequels Rocky Horror Shows His Heels and Rocky Horror: The Second Coming.

Rocky is the creature, created by Frank-N-Furter and Riff Raff. The brain of Eddie was used to bring Rocky to life. As his creator, Frank, is a parody of Victor Frankenstein from the 1818 novel "Frankenstein or the modern Prometheus", Rocky Horror then is a parody of the Frankestein's creature. In the original version of the song "Sword of Damocles" is stated that his full name is "Rocky Horror".

This character was played originally by Rayner Bourton in 1973, by Kim Milford in the first american production (Roxy) in 1974, and the Broadway production of 1975, by Peter Hinwood in the movie of the same year, by Dominic Andersen in the movie of the live production in 2015, and by Staz Nair in the 2016 reimagining movie.


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