No Hiding Place is a song from Revenge of the Old Queen, a never-made sequel to The Rocky Horror Picture Show. It was composed by Richard O'Brien and never released (not even as a demo).


The lyrics were taken from the the script.

Old Queen:
Do You Construe What's Overdue
Not To You
But You Know Who?

Love And Respect

Old Queen:

Love And Respect

Old Queen:
So, Why Don't We Pause And Reflect, On ...

Transylvanian Courtiers:
Love And Respect

Old Queen:
And The Possible Cause And Effect, Of ...

Transylvanian Courtiers:
Love And Respect

Old Queen:
Vengeance Is Mine

The Offences Are Thine
Suffer The Evil Doer To Come Unto Me
There's Going To Be Weeping, Wailing And Gnashing Of Teeth
Bleating And Railing And Lashings Of Grief

A Lot Of Good Guys Have Died When They Lied In My Face
There's Going To Be Lying, Crying And Penitent Pleas
Sighting, Dying Bent On Your Knees
And You're Going To Find There Ain't No Hiding Place


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