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And crawling on the planets face,

Some insects called the the human race.

Lost in time and lost in space.

And Meaning...


The Narrator (or "Criminologist" in films) is a character from the musical "The Rocky Horror Show" and subsequent productions since 1973, from the 1975 movie, and the reimagining movie of 2016. He is minor character, but he's an expert and tells the story of Brad and Janet to the audience. He also sings in some songs.

This character was originally played by Jonathan Adams in 1973, by Graham Jarvis in the first american production (Roxy) in 1974, and the Broadway production of 1975, by Charles Gray in the movie of the same year, by different guests in the movie of the live production in 2015, and by Tim Curry in the 2016 reimagining movie.


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