Don't dream it, be it.

"Dr. Frank-N-Furter" is a character from the musical productions of The Rocky Horror Show since 1973, from the 1975 movie, from the 2015 tribute production celebrating 40 years, from the 2016 reimagining movie, and from the never made sequels Rocky Horror Shows His Heels and Rocky Horror: The Second Coming.

He was portrayed by Tim Curry in the 1973 Original London Production, in the 1974 Roxy Production, in the 1975 Broadway Production, and in the 1975 film adaptation; by Tom Hewitt in the 2001 Broadway Revival, by David Bedella in the 2015 live tribute production, and by Laverne Cox in the 2016 reimagining movie, where he is presented as a female.


He is a mad scientist, bent on creating the perfect life form to serve as his sexual plaything. He seems to be the leader of the Transylvanians on Earth. Frank N Furter is mainly concerned with himself and lacks the ability to see the consequences of his behavior. Though he did bring out the sexual creatures in a young, repressed couple, he did this with his own amusement in mind. He commits murder and cannibalism without a second thought, as well as locking Eddie in a deep-freezer. He is a self serving, sexual deviant hedonist, who lives only for pleasure and excitement; despite this, at best he is charismatic, charming, and seductive. At worst, he is spoilt and petty; easily jealous and can be roused into a homicidal rage if pushed too far. (Which isn't very far at all.) He is also highly manipulative, as seen with his interactions with Brad and Janet, and has a capacity for cruelty, especially in relation to Riff Raff, whom he is extremely harsh with. (Whipping with a riding crop, for instance.) If anything, he is the perfect definition of a psychopath.



Dr. Frank-N-Furter has solos in:

  • An early version of Little Black Dress (originally from Rocky Horror Shows His Heels)
  • He Lived & Died for Rock 'n Roll (from Rocky Horror Shows His Heels)
  • An early version of Farley's Song (originally from Rocky Horror Shows His Heels)
  • I'm Goin' to See My Baby (from Rocky Horror Shows His Heels)


  • Many follow-ups for 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' were developed but never produced, one of them called 'Revenge of the Old Queen.' It follows the preceding events of 'Rocky Horror' on Transsexual, where it is revealed that Frank was the Prince of Transylvania. It is also hinted in the script that he shared his first, sexual relationship with his own mother, the Queen. The script can be found free online for reading.


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