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Trust me, I'm a doctor!

Dr. Cosmo McKinley (real name unknown) is a character actor who, along with his sister Nation McKinley, pose as doctors in DTV's "Dentonvale" as seen in Shock Treatment.


Shock Treatment

Cosmo McKinley and his sister Nation welcome Brad Majors into their care at "Dentonvale", a soap opera centered around a mental hospital. Despite Brad's objections, the McKinleys have him drugged, gagged, and bound to a chair in the "Terminal Ward". Cosmo also asks Janet to sign a contract permitting them to treat Brad, but Janet decides to sleep on it.

Cosmo and his sister Nation are informed by Bert Schnick that financing for their show has been taken over by Farley Flavors in order to create a new show called "Faith Factory". The McKinleys are reluctant at first, but are quickly taken in by a persuasive videotape, and on his orders, recruit Janet to be the face of the new show. Janet moves in to "Dentonvale", promised that the life of a television star will heal her relationship with Brad ("Lullaby").


With Janet in tow, Cosmo designs her a new dress and gives her a makeover ("Little Black Dress"). Janet is transformed in to a overnight sensation, but the fame goes to her head and she forgets about repairing her marriage with Brad ("Me of Me").

While visiting Brad in the terminal ward, Janet and her parents question Cosmo, his sister, and the rest of the Dentonvale staff on how they can help him. The McKinleys demonstrate their abilities by "curing" Bert Schnick's blindness with shock treatment ("Shock Treatment"). The Weises are completely taken in, but Janet begins to slip back to reality, so the McKinleys begin giving her drugs to keep her manageable; she begins to have visions and dream sequences ("Looking for Trade").

As the premier of "Faith Factory" comes closer, Cosmo, his sister, the rest of the Dentonvale staff, and the Weisses embrace their new TV roles by dressing up in white doctor and nurse uniforms and singing about their new images ("Look What I Did to My Id").


Cosmo and his sister, Nation

At the "Faith Factory" premier, Cosmo and his sister watch as Brad, Betty, and Judge Wright crash through the set wall disrupting the entire premier, Brad confronting his brother Farley ("Duel Duet"), and Janet snapping back to reality and getting shunned from the stage with the others.

After Janet, Brad, and the others flee the studio ("Anyhow, Anyhow"), the McKinleys and Farley celebrate just having committed the entire DTV audience to the terminal ward at "Dentonvale" ("Denton U.S.A. reprise").


Cosmo McKinley has solos in:

  • "Lullaby"
  • "Little Black Dress"
  • "Shock Treatment"
  • "Look What I Did to My Id"


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