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This category page includes all songs that appear in theatrical and cinematographic productions related to Shock Treatment that were made.
It's very important to note that all of these songs were written for Rocky Horror Shows His Heels, a never-made movie sequel to The Rocky Horror Picture Show. As that project was cancelled, the songs were partially rewritten for The Brad and Janet Show, a never-made "equel" to Rocky Horror that had a lot of production problems (incluiding a SAG strike). So the script was rewritten in the form of "Shock Treatment" but the lyrics were kept intact this time. Having said that (and as there is no way to read script to "Rocky Horror Show His Heels"...) all of the songs from this three productions are in this category.

To read more about the songs individually, visit:

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Shock Treatment: The Musical

Shock Treatment

Brad MajorsJanet MajorsFarley FlavorsCosmo McKinleyNation McKinleyOliver Wright
Betty HapschattAnsalongRickyBert SchnickEmily WeissHarry WeissRalph Hapschatt‎
Macy Struthers‎Nelly Pritt‎Vance Parker‎Floor Manager‎Irwin Lapsey‎Kirk‎Oscar Drill and the Bits‎
Shock Treatment (Original Soundtrack)
Denton, U.S.A.Bitchin' In The KitchenIn My Own WayThank God I'm a ManFarley's SongLullaby
Little Black DressMe Of MeShock TreatmentCarte BlancheLooking For Trade
Look What I Did To My IdBreaking OutDuel DuetAnyhow, Anyhow

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