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Alimony is just another word for RAPE.

Betty Hapschatt (née Munroe) is a character in The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and it's sequel Shock Treatment.


The Rocky Horror Picture Show

After meeting in a college refresher class taught by Dr. Scott, Betty marries Ralph Hapschatt in a Episcopalian church in Denton, Ohio. Janet Weiss was her maid of honor and bouquet catcher.

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Betty's wedding

Shock Treatment

Betty, is divorced with Ralph, and now along with Judge Oliver Wright, co-present the Denton TV news show "Denton Dossier". They are soon replaced as anchorpeople by her ex-husband Ralph and his girlfriend Macy Struthers.

Along with Judge Wright, she starts an investigation of the realness of Denton TV. Betty hacks into the Denton TV's computer system and discovers that the McKinleys are actually actors and that "Dentonvale" isn't a real hospital. She also discoveres that Farley Flavors is actually Brad's twin brother.

Using her hair pin, Betty successfully picks the lock on Brad's holding cell and they rush to "Faith Factory" to spread the truth about Farley.


Betty, with Judge Wright, and Brad break through the "Faith Factory" set wall and confront Farley. They, with Janet, are arrested for a short time, but soon escape Denton by hot wiring a car while all of the citizens of Denton are put into straight jackets and committed to "Dentonvale". It is also implied that she and Judge Wright get together.


Betty Hapschatt has solos in:

  • "Anyhow, Anyhow"


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